Have lots of fun in our place

The award-winning Darling Residency will take you right on time. Rich interiors complement an exquisite South Indian menu, with an atmosphere that accentuates traditional luxury. Delight the gourmand in you with this unique and unforgettable experience.

Aaradhana Air Conditioned Vegetarian Restaurant

Aaradhana A / C Veg Restaurant offers a wide variety of tasty and nutritious vegetarian food. We offer vegetable curries as a real hot ‘n’ spice, so add a lot of spices and make them very appealing. These are made using a variety of methods such as baking, boiling, and frying. We offer many attractive Indian vegetarian dishes like Navratan Korma, Shahi Paneer.

Timings: 06.00 AM to 10.00 PM

Akshaya Vegetarian Restaurant

Finding the right combination of spices is a skill that Vegetarian food is one of the most efficient in its preparation. Vegetarian dishes revolve around vegetables, grains, and lentils and are less fiery and more about cinnamon, cumin. The traditions here are still alive, and more. The forgotten are revived in the most efficient foods. They are passionate and personal, real and artistic—all for finding and swallowing a fresco style surrounded by a green canopy.

Timings: 11.00 AM to 03.00 PM; 06.00 PM to 10.00 PM

Aaranya Air Conditioned Non-Vegetarian Restaurant

Aaranya A / C Non-Veg Restaurant has many juicy, tender, and tasty dishes made with eggs, mutton, chicken, and fish. Indian cuisine includes a wide variety of meat, poultry, and fish dishes, here we have tried to offer most of the non-vegetarian dishes like soups, tandoori tikas, kebabs, biryani, and many more.

Timings: 11.00 AM to 03.00 PM; 06.00 PM to 10.00 PM

Aaranya Roof Top Non-Vegetarian Restaurant

AARANYA Roof Top Restaurant offers a great view of the city, unique service, and good non-vegetarian food. The restaurant menu also features Chinese and Continental cuisine - all ready to steal your heart. The aroma of deep-fried, morphed whole fish with orange carrots, pink onion rings on the side, and green coriander leaves will definitely make a wonderful meal.

Timings: 11.00 AM to 03.00 PM; 06.00 PM to 10.00 PM

Madhu Priya Permit Room

Madhu Priya Permit Room serves as a popular stop for those looking for a refreshing drink. The menu of the restaurant is a variety of dishes with many common favorites from around the world. With refreshing cocktails, fruit mixes, spirits, and cold beers, it’s easy to see why this irrigation hole is a neighbor’s favorite if it opens late at night! The bar menu is extensive and includes domestic, imported, and top-shelf spirits, domestic wines, and colorful wine and draft beer at a very reasonable price! Most of the cocktails here are made with fresh juices of locally available fruits.

Timings: 11.00 AM to 11.00 PM