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Meetings & Events

The Darling Residency offers the perfect gathering place for work and play, a private, distraction-free environment for your business conference, trade meeting, or for all kinds of personal occasions. It provides both the calmness and the technology necessary for concentration during business hours and a myriad of leisure activities that one would expect.The halls have flexible meeting space in a tranquil setting providing the perfect setting for groups to come together and exchange ideas or socialize. While the facilities and meeting space are important, equally important is our Conference Services Team, who is responsible for your group from pre-program planning of all details until the last participant checks out.


Hall Details

Hall Capacity
Manapriya & Minipriya 300 to 350 pax
Manapriya 200 to 250 pax
Minipriya 75 to 100 pax
Sugapriya 75 to 90 pax

Note: Audio & Video on demand.

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